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Founded in 1991, SOURCE is the longest-running organization for women in the music industry in Nashville and is dedicated to fostering relationships and opportunities for its members through continuous education, networking, and community service initiatives. SOURCE is a nonprofit organization supporting an exclusive community of accomplished women professionals who work in all facets of Nashville’s entertainment industry and is an invitation-only membership led by a Board of Directors and a Steering Committee. Monthly educational and networking programs are presented to SOURCE members addressing topical music and non-music industry-related issues with invitations extended to industry leaders who share their knowledge and insights with the SOURCE membership. SOURCE is a 501c6 organization.

Founding Members



SOURCE strives to remain flexible to meet the changing needs and interests of its members. Its broad purposes are as follows:


To provide a SOURCE of information useful to its members’ business needs.


To function as a SOURCE of professional contacts.


To create a SOURCE of career opportunities for its membership


To provide a SOURCE of industry-related information and education.





Featuring 2009 SOURCE Hall of Fame Inductee, Sandy Neese. Neese got her start in the late 60s working at Nashville’s own WMAK radio station. From the connections she made there, she then went on to become an internationally acclaimed journalist. Sandy also was head of the media department for MTM Music Group and later, Mercury Records. She worked with many notable talents, among them being Johnny Cash, Toby Keith, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Shania Twain. We are so proud to have you as a part of our SOURCE family, Sandy!

  • When and how do I apply?
    A current member must nominate you before you can apply for SOURCE Membership, a current member of SOURCE has to nominate you. Once a member nominates you, you will receive an email with an online application to be completed. You will have the entire month of August to apply.
  • What's the deadline for applying?
    A fully completed application form must be received by the 31st of August of the current calendar year for membership for the next year.
  • If I have previously applied and want to re-apply, do I need to be nominated again and complete a new application?
    Yes. You will need to be nominated by a SOURCE member. Also, since we make changes to the application from year to year, we ask that you fill out a new application every year. If you applied in the last 3 years and would like a copy of your application to simplify the process please email
  • Is there a personal interview component of the selection process?
    Although personal interviews are not a part of the selection process, some applicants may be contacted by the membership committee. The membership committee may also consult with the SOURCE member who nominated the candidate.
  • Who selects the new SOURCE members?
    A membership committee comprised of members of the SOURCE Board of Directors is charged with reviewing all applications and making a final recommendation to the full Board of Directors. The Board votes on new members in October.
  • When will I be notified about my status?
    The SOURCE Board of Directors votes at its October meeting. Applicants will be notified of acceptance in November.
  • What are some of the criteria for acceptance?
    Membership is limited to executives and professionals (e.g., attorneys, artist managers, label representatives, publishers, publicists, etc.) working in the music and entertainment industries. Membership is based on specific criteria that is determined by the SOURCE Board of Directors. Eligibility criteria includes, but is not limited to: Minimum 5 years of experience at an executive level in the music industry and in the Nashville music community Job title and job description Decision-making power and level of authority within applicant’s organization Stature in the community Level of expertise or professional credentials
  • What are the costs of membership?
    Membership is $85 per year and is inclusive of monthly educational luncheons.
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