Founded in 1991, SOURCE is the longest running organization for women in the music industry in Nashville, and is dedicated to fostering relationships and opportunities for its members through continuous education, networking, and community service initiatives. SOURCE is a nonprofit organization supporting an exclusive community of accomplished women professionals who work in all facets of Nashville’s entertainment industry and is an invitation-only membership led by a Board of Directors and a Steering Committee. Monthlyeducational and networking programs are presented to SOURCE members addressing topical music and non-music industry related issues with invitations extended to industry leaders who share their knowledge and insights with the SOURCE membership. SOURCE is a 501c6 organization.

SOURCE’S specific goals remain flexible to meet the changing needs and interests of its members. It’s broad purposes are as follows:

  1. To provide a SOURCE of information useful to its members’ business needs
  2. To function as a SOURCE of professional contacts
  3. To create a SOURCE of career opportunities for its membership
  4. To provide a SOURCE of industry-related information and education.

Founding Members: Judy Harris, Shelia Shipley Biddy, Pat Rolfe

Source Awards Founder: Kay Smith

2021 Board & Committees

Board of Directors

Kari Barnhart, Regions Bank
Vice President
Mallory Mason, Wiles & Taylor
Greta Day, Sussman & Associates
Erica Rosa, FBMM

Board Members

Camilla Kleindienst, Banner Music
Claire Taylor, Average Joes Entertainment
Greta Day, Sussman and Associates
Mallory Mason, King Business & Financial Management
Becky McIntosh, Barfly Publishing
Erica Rosa, FBMM

Catherine Stein, Farris, Self & Moore, LLC

Mary Lauren Teague, Dotted iEntertainment

Brooke Antonakos, Rock Brooke Ent

Alicia Lanier Jones, River House Artists

Laurie Hughes, Hughes Kessler Consulting (AUX)
Lyndie Wenner, MSO PR (AUX) 


Program Committee

Mary Lauren Teague
Dotted iEntertainment 

Communication Committee

Claire Cook
Average Joes Entertainment

Alicia Jones
River House Artists

Membership Committee

Camilla Kleindienst
Banner Music 






Social Committee

Brooke Antonakos
Rock Brooke Ent.
Becky McIntosh
Given Entertainment

Awards Committee

Erica Rosa

Service Committee

Catherine Moore
Farris, Self & Moore 

Want To Join?

SOURCE is an invitation-only membership led by a Board of Directors and a Steering Committee. To learn more about how invitations are chosen read our membership FAQ.