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Mary Bridges Lynch Jarvis


Mary was born on October 17, 1930, in Franklin, Tennessee. She came from a musical family. As a teenager, she frequently sang and played piano for two quartets throughout Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky.

She also was pianist at the Franklin Cumberland Presbyterian Church from her teen years until her death in 1995.

Mary had also served as President of the Statesmen's Quartet Fan Club. It is no surprise that Mary chose to make a career in the music industry.

Mary's career in the music industry spanned 34 years, including tenures as Executive Assistant to Chet Atkins at RCA, and to Fred Foster at Monument Records. Mary was well-loved and respected by all of the artists and musicians at both labels.

Waylon Jennings wrote in his autobiography about Mary keeping him out of trouble with Chet! When Mary left Monument Records, Fred Foster said, "If she is leaving for any reason other than marrying Felton (Jarvis), I'll chain her to her desk"!

She wed famed record producer and Georgia Music Hall of Fame member Felton Jarvis on July 20, 1969. She devoted her years with Felton to helping him with his business, as Elvis Presley's exclusive record producer, and also took care of Felton through his many health problems. Felton died on January 2, 1981. Mary devoted her life from then on to keeping Felton's memory alive, and successfully had RCA list Felton as a producer on Elvis recordings as well as overseeing his display at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Mary was devoted to her family, her church, and her community. She was the first female elder at her church. She was the clerk of the session and served 6 years on the Board of Missions. She also was quite involved with the National Kidney Foundation and received the Cecil Gilliam Award for volunteer services and distinguished service.

Mary was diagnosed with cancer in October 1994 and died on June 6, 1995. Her family and friends lovingly miss her.
October 17, 1930 - June 6, 1995

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