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Amy Kurland


The Bluebird Cafe

Amy Kurland was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but her family moved to Nashville when she was eight years old. She graduated from George Washington University in Washington D.C. with a BA in American Literature & American Studies and did what one does with such degrees - she began working in the food and service industry. Returning to Nashville, she operated her own renegade food cart downtown until it was shut down by "the man" and then a lunch stand called "The Bakery" on 2nd Avenue. In 1982, she transformed a defunct Green Hills game-room into a cozy little eatery for the ladies who lunch in that upscale shopping district. Thanks to her soft spot for guys with guitars it became something else entirely. The Bluebird Cafe became THE listening room for songwriters in Nashville and eventually the world.

Countless country artists got their start at the little club and the "in the round" format pioneered there would become the template for acoustic shows
everywhere. It has been featured in books, movies and television, praised by industry and fans of all genres of music and won more awards than Meryl Streep. After 25 years under her direction, Amy entrusted the club to the folks at Nashville Songwriters Association International and began to devote more of her time to her philanthropic pursuits, which include education, leadership, social justice and alcohol and drug recovery.

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