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Barbara Orbison


Barbara Orbison Productions, Roy Orbison Music, Pretty Woman Perfume

Barbara Orbison is an entrepreneur, publisher, businesswoman and estate manager of the legendary Roy Orbison. Born in Bielefeld, Germany, Barbara was 17 when she met Roy in 1968, at a club in northern England. Within six months they were married. A few years later they added sons Roy Jr. and Alex to their family.

In 1985, Barbara took over management duties for Roy's career. She oversaw and produced many projects for Roy, including what is often referred to as the greatest rock and roll event ever filmed: Roy Orbison & Friends, A Black & White Night. In 1997, Barbara brokered a deal with PBS to air the program as a pledge event. Over the next 14 years Black & White Night continued to be their biggest
fund-raiser. In 1998, Barbara accepted a posthumous Grammy for Roy: the Lifetime Achievement Award. She was the driving force behind his receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2011, the anniversary of Roy's 75th birthday, Barbara orchestrated new releases and events around-the-world to celebrate his life and legacy. In 1996, she opened the music publishing company Still Working Music Group, which earned BMI's 2010 Song of the Year award for Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me". Barbara launched Pretty Woman Perfume in 2009, fulfilling a life-long dream to create and produce her own perfume. She is active in many charities, including establishing the Roy Orbison House for mentally disabled homeless individuals. Barbara divides her time between her homes in Nashville, Malibu, New York City and London.

Barbara Orbison died December 6, 2011.

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