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Bonnie Sugarman



Originally from Chicago, Bonnie Sugarman had the privilege of learning about live touring working for E.O.Stacy, generally recognized as the 'founding father' of entertainment at Fairs. She re-located to Los Angeles with ICM, and later moved to APA in charge of Fairs & Festivals. When APA decided to open a Nashville office, she relocated once again, and has now spent well over three decades with APA. Throughout her career, she has formed lifelong relationships with buyers as well as artists. Among her most cherished memories are the years on the road with Red Skelton and Johnny and June Carter Cash. She is currently co-head of the Nashville office of Intern APA, specializing in fairs. She was awarded the Nashville Assn. of Talent Directors' "Agent of the Year" Award in both 1995 and 1996. In 2005, she was awarded the prestigious Hubert Long Award. She serves as First Vice President of NATD, served on the ACM Board and is a graduate of the 2010 class of Leadership Music.

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