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Carolyn Sells


Marty Robbins Ent., Combine Music, Warner Bros. Music

Carolyn was a secretary in the days when women were secretaries because the word assistant had not been invented.

Carolyn was born in Los Angeles California. She moved with her family to Nashville when she was 13 years old and graduated from West End High School at the age of 17. In 1961 Carolyn went to work for Marty Robbins as receptionist/ secretary.

After working for Marty for two years, she went to work at Mimosa Music briefly, then on to Tuneville Music in 1964 as executive assistant to Bill Justis, the owner. While working at Tuneville, she had a job offer from Bob Beckham at Combine Music, but turned them down because she was happy at Tuneville. After a couple of years at Tuneville, Bill Justis told her that he was moving to Los Angeles to produce music for movies. He went on to explain that Combine Music was moving into
his offices and that he worked out a deal with Fred Foster for the furniture to stay and for her to stay and work for Combine Music.

Carolyn started a long career at Combine as executive assistant to the president, Bob Beckham. She was there for 22 years and then worked with Bob Beckham at Bob Beckham Enterprises from 1988 to 1990.

Carolyn went to work for Excelsior Music as executive assistant in 1990 and a year later she took a job at JK Productions as assistant to Jerry Kennedy.

Between 1993 and 2004 Carolyn worked for Warner-Chappell in the copyright Department.

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