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CoraLee Corky Wilson


MCA Records, Veeson Travel

Corky was an inaugural member of R.O.P.E. an organization for retired Grand Ole Opry members. She was its tenth member and she served as its first treasurer.

Corky's career began in 1958 when she assisted artists with promotion letters and fan mail while working with Commercial Credit. In 1962, she became Charlie Lamb's secretary at Music Reporter. In 1963, she worked for RIC Records where she booked sessions as well as mailed records and promotional materials.

In 1965, Corky became secretary to the Wilburn Brothers at Sure-Fire Music as well as the Wil-Helm Agency. She assisted in coordinating the Wilburns' TV show and the Loretta Lynn Rodeo, and handled copyrighting, promotional letters, mailing out records and booking recording sessions.
In 1969, Corky began work with the Glaser Brothers as secretary. In 1970, Corky's music career led her to Decca/MCA Records where she worked with John Brown and Paul Lovelace in promotion, and Chick Daugherty in sales. She also worked with Owen Bradley, Walter Haynes and Shuffy Miller on session work as well as with outside producers.

In 1979, she worked with Walter Haynes and took care of his recording sessions, copyrighting and mailing of record and materials for smaller labels. In 1981, she joined the staff of Veeson Travel to assist Georgia Twitty with the disc jockey organization. Corky moved to CUD/Cendant Travel in 1988. Along with her full-time jobs, Corky worked all these years at the Emest Tubb Record Shop, plus she worked part time for seven years at the Country Music Wax Museum.

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