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Dometra Dee Bowers



Dometra "Dee" Bowers began her career in the music industry as an administrative assistant to Jimmy Bowen at MCA Records in 1974. She moved to MCA Music in 1978 where she worked as an administrative/office assistant, working for Jerry Crutchfield, for two years.

In 1980, David Maddox, executive director of the Nashville AFTRA Local, recognized Dometra's potential and brought her into the AFTRA family. Since 1986, she has worked with Randall Himes, the local executive director for SAG-AFTRA and assistant national executive director of sound recordings.

As a 34 year employee, Dometra has worked in almost every capacity within the office, from finding recording sessions, broadcast and commercial work for SAG-AFTRA members, collecting overdue compensation, administration of AFTRA's extensive health and retirement benefits to issues of SAGAFTRA membership. She has also served as a liaison to SAG-AFTRA Nashville performers, which includes hundreds of royalty artists and session singers; and worked on administration of SAG-AFTRA contracts. Currently she is working as office manager, membership services, contract administration for established SAG-AFTRA members and potential new members. Dometra was called into the gospel ministry in 2002, ordained in 2007 and in 2008, along with her husband Larry, called as co-pastor and pastor of Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Carthage, Tennessee. Her faith and deep compassion for others leads her to lend support to a number of local charitable organizations. She strongly believes that her greatest mission is to provide counseling and encouragement to people in need.

Dometra has one daughter, Demica, who along with husband, Pompey Hawkins, presented her with a grandson and joy of her life, Peyson Luke Hawkins in 2012.

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