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Emily Bradshaw Weiland


Hailing from Alamo Tennessee Emily Bradshaw Weiland began her music row career in 1957 at WSM Radio and during her ten years there, she worked as music librarian, production assistant, assistant promotion director, promotion manager and coordinated the 42nd Opry Birthday Celebration that drew 5000 people. After being encouraged by other music industry friends, she then formed her own promotion and public relations company, "Promotions by Emily". Her firm brought widespread acclaim to clients that included numerous artist and organizations.

She was Executive Director of the Nashville Chapter of the Religious Heritage of America, which put her in association with not only religious leaders across the US, but also with leaders in government. In 1968, she became the first woman Executive Director for the Nashville Chapter of NARAS. Her one room Promotions by Emily office at 1905 Broadway became the first NARAS office. During her seven years with NARAS,she did everything from organizing the chapter newsletter to helping organize the Atlanta and Memphis Chapters of NARAS and coordinating the 1973 Grammy Awards, the one and only time it took place in Nashville. (For more on this see the MusicRow issue March 23, 1997 N-13).
Emily served on several CMA committees, was on the board of GMA and was U.S. Representative for the International Festivals of Country Music and Mervyn Conn for 18 years.

She has traveled the world and now enjoys doing the things she didn't have time to do back then. She currently serves on the Board of Music City Christian Fellowship which presents the country gospel show "Sunday Morning Country"every year in June during country music week.

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