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Emily Mitchell


That first day in October 1966, Emily had no idea what a ride she was about to take, with Billy Sherrill in the "pilot's seat".

On Epic Records, David Houston was topping all the charts with Almost Persuaded and Tammy Wynette had been in the previous day when Billy gave her Apartment #9 to learn. Emily's first assignment was to book the session for the next day.

Over the next 17 years, Emily was Billy Sherill's right arm-progressing from secretary to manager of A&R, CBS Records/ Nashville. Emily says that she "did everything Billy didn't want to do. He is such a creative person that it left the majority of the business matters to me unless it required his personal attention."

In practice, Emily was the conduit through which information passed between Billy and the outside world. Often she would act as an intermediary between Billy and the artists or musicians. They would thrash out problems or details with her first, then she would pass it on for Billy's "stamp of approval."

Emily left CBS Records in August 1982 with the intention of taking some time off from the music industry. That abruptly ended in October when Al Gallico asked her to run his Nashville office.

In 1986, Gallico relocated his publishing corporation from New York to California and closed his local branch office. Emily finally stepped off the music business merry-go-round. She says it was hectic, exciting, and fun; but it was then time to do some things "just for her".

Emily was instrumental in the careers of artists that Billy Sherrill produced such as: Tammy Wynette, George Jones, David Houston, David Allan Coe, Tanya Tucker, Joe Stampley, Charlie Rich, Bobby Vinton and many others.

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