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Evelyn Shriver


Evelyn Shriver Public Relations, Asylum Records, Bandit Records

Prior to moving her successful public relations agency from New York to Nashville in 1985, Evelyn Shriver did publicity for such wide-ranging events as the original King Tut exhibit, the PBS series, Great Performances, celebrity representation for Larry Hagman and Linda Gray during the Dallas mania, Henry Winkler, during "the Fonz" era, Diana Ross, Cher, costume designer, Bob Mackie and numerous other high profile projects. In Nashville, Shriver helped usher in the new traditionalist movement in country music with her representation of the then-unknown Randy Travis. She went on to represent Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, Tammy Wynette and Emmylou Harris. Evelyn received the SRO "Publicist of the Year" Award four of the five years it was awarded. In 1998, she was named president of Asylum Records, the first female president of a major record company in Nashville. She signed and revived George Jones' recording career with the release of The Cold Hard Truth. When Asylum closed in 2001, Evelyn formed Bandit Records with George Jones and Susan Nadler. They are credited with helping Jones create some of the finest projects of his career at an age when most artists have stopped recording. In addition, Shriver and Nadler helped revive the PBS-TV music series SoundStage, and Evelyn was also executive producer of the highly successful Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3-D theatrical release in 2010.

She continues to helm Bandit Records, consult with Kenny Chesney and produce music shows for television. She and Nadler are also partners in a marketing company, Girlz In The Hood.

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