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Gail Pollock


Monument Studios, We Make Tapes

A true “Southern Belle” from Georgia, Gail Pollock's first involvement in the music industry came when she started working as a secretary for Fred Foster, at Monument Recording Studios in 1974. The studio later became Studio One, then Young 'Un Sound in 1978. Through all of the changeover, Gail was a consistent force for the studio, handling office management and day to day operations. During this time, she also started working with guitar legend and sound engineer Scotty Moore, first in the studio, then directly for him in his tape reproduction business, Independent Producers Corp. Gail eventually took over ownership of IPC, renaming it to We Make Tapes, and ran it successfully for many years before selling it and retiring early at age 60. She became Scotty Moore’s constant companion, not only in local recording sessions, but also on his many tours to Europe. In 1992, Scotty had been unwell, so Gail accompanied him to the UK, looking after his every need, from manager to emcee to travel agent. When Scotty revitalized his Belle Meade Records label in 1992, Gail managed many aspects of the business, organizing events and playing hostess for recording sessions that were more like jam sessions between old friends (who just happened to also be music greats...). Gail was not only a savvy business woman but she was also the consummate hostess, a master story-teller, and an incredible cook, all rolled into one.

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