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Joyce Jackson


Jim Reeves Enterprises, Floyd Cramer, Dottie West, Mae Axton, Ernest Tubb Record Shop, Writer

Joyce Jackson moved to Nashville from Pewee Valley, Kentucky on January 19, 1958. Ten days later she was hired by Jim Reeves as his secretary. When the superstar was killed in a tragic plane crash in July 1964, she stayed to work with his widow, Mary at Jim Reeves Enterprises. She remained there for more than 30 years.

While at Jim Reeves Enterprises, she also worked for both Floyd Cramer and Dottie West and for many years, kept books for Mae Axton.

Joyce worked in the mail order department at Ernest Tubb Record Shop and at the Willie Nelson Museum. A songwriter, Joyce had songs recorded by several artists, including The Browns. Joyce loves to write poetry and has had one poem published in a historical romance novel written by her friend Katherine Sutcliffe. The poem, "A Time for Roses," is included in MY ONLY LOVE. Now living on pure prairie land in Colorado, Joyce has written a book about her experiences in the music and other related entertainment industries. From her front door she can see the magnificent Pikes' Peak. She says it's not Nashville, but it's okay.

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