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Lucy Coldsnow Smith


Marty Robbins Enterprises, Motion Picture Sound Supervisor

A native of McMinnville, Tennessee, Lucy Coldsnow Smith grew up in Florida. Planning to be a court reporter like her mother, Lucy moved to Nashville to attend business school. Instead she took a job at WSIX-TV and made two friendships that would cause her to change career direction Connie Bradley and Pat Rolfe (later ASCAP executives) steered her to a job at Marty Robbins Enterprises.

When she was made script supervisor for the 1972 film Guns of A Stranger, the movie bug bit. Lucy moved to Hollywood and eventually worked on dozens of films including The Changling, Get Smart, Pirates Of The Caribbean At Worlds End, Flags Of Our Fathers, Mystic River and Bridges of Madison County, among others.

Lucy worked for Marty from 1967 to 1977, handling concert contracts, booking travel, getting the bus and band members to concerts, coordinating itineraries, overseeing royalty statements, booking recording sessions, handling fan mail, listening to demo tapes, coordinating details for Marty's racing career and even overseeing construction on the office addition and sewing some of Marty's shirts. When Marty began his weekly television show, Lucy was production coordinator and was later assistant to the producer for the movie Country Music.

Lucy and the sound crew won an Academy Award for Sound Editing for the Clint Eastwood move, Letters From Iwo Jima and Best Dialogue Editing by the Motion Picture Sound Editors Guild and she was nominated for Best Sound Editing for Best Picture winner, Million Dollar Baby.

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