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Mae Boran Axton


Mae Boren Axton Publicity, Songwriter

Mae Boren Axton was born in 1914 in Texas and soon afterward traveled with her parents in a covered wagon to Oklahoma, which became their home state. She was the only daughter in a family of eight brothers. Her brothers included the late Dr. James B. Boren, an early day President of Southwestern Oklahoma University at Weatherford and U.S. Congressman Lyle H. Boren. Mae had an impact on Oklahoma politics as the author of her nephew David Boren's Broom Brigade campaign theme song "Let's Clean Up Oklahoma" during his successful 1974 campaign for governor.

Mae taught English in Oklahoma high schools in Wewoka, Ada, Broken Bow and Velma-Alma. Later, while teaching at a high school in Jacksonville, Florida, she met Elvis Presley and convinced him to record "Heartbreak Hotel" which she had co-written for him. Over four decades she wrote more than 50 songs that were recorded by artists on major record companies as well as books of poetry including "From the Window of My heart"

At one time she was Col. Tom Parker's personal assistant and is credited with helping launch the superstar career of Elvis. She was a brilliant agent, publicist and mentor to many Nashville celebrities early in their careers including Elvis Presley, Dennis Weaver, Willie Nelson, Mel Tillis, Reba McEntire and Kris Kristofferson.

Mae Boren Axton died April 19, 1997

Married to John T. Axton, a high school teacher and football coach, Mae was mother to two boys, Hoyt and John. John became one of Oklahoma's most renowned lawyers while Hoyt was destined to become a songwriter and international country music artist. Mae was an active partner with Hoyt in the creation of the Jeremiah record label in the late 1970s.
Mae was a tireless worker for charities including March of Dimes and Multiple Sclerosis Society. She has received almost every major award from the music and entertainment industry including the World Recognition Award of the International Songwriter's Association. She received at least seven major awards from BMI and was selected as one of the 50 greatest women songwriters by the National Songwriters Hall of Fame.

"He needed your smile there in heaven, your bright little face to admire; He wanted a jewel from our treasures to place in his heavenly choir."

"From the Windows of My Heart" by Mae Boren Axton. She died in 1997 at the age of 82.

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