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Mary Irene Flowers Stanton


Irene Stanton was born in Columbia, Tennessee.

She attended a business college in order to become a secretary.

In 1944, Irene married Charles Dobbs Stanton and they made their home in Miami, Florida where she became secretary to the City Manager.

Following her husband's untimely death in 1956, Irene turned to music as a solace. For the next five years, she traveled back and forth between family in Nashville and her home in Miami. During that time, she wrote endlessly, perfecting her lyricist skills.

Irene moved back to Nashville in 1961. She presented her efforts to Don Law at Columbia Records who was impressed with her talent and sent her to Jim Denny at Cedarwood Publishing Company. Mr. Denny signed her to a writer's contract and assigned Wayne Walker, an outstanding guitarist to work with Irene. Together they turned out such hits as Unloved, Unwanted; Pride; Stranger; Ancient History; Loving Arms; A Day That Saved The World; Imitation; Just Forget Me (The Next Time Around); Stranger; and You Warned Me. These songs were recorded by such artists as Ray Price, Johnny Cash, Lefty Frizzell, Anita Bryant, The Jordanaires, Jimmy Dean, Billy Walker, Dean Martin, Gerri Lynn, Claude King, Bill Purcell and Kitty Wells.

In 1961, Irene was hired by Don Law to work with him and Frank Jones in the A&R department. When Mr. Law retired from Columbia Records in 1967, he and Irene founded Don Law Productions, Inc. which has been in operation for 36 years. They established the publishing company, Seaview Music, Inc. deriving the company name from Irene's memory of a view of the sea in Miami. From that catalog, For the Good Times won a Grammy and I Won't Mention It Again was CMA Album of the Year. Prior to Don Law's death in 1982, he sold his stock in both companies to Irene, who served as President/CEO until her death in 2001. Don Law Productions Inc. and Seaview Music, Inc continue operation today under the guidance of Irene's sister, Dr. Emma Flowers.

June 12, 1916 - 2001

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