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Mary Reeves Davis


Kay found additional information pertaining to Mary Reeves Davis in a 1972 Record World Who's Who book.  It reads: Mrs. Davis has been involved in or associated with the music industry for the past 24 years, and for the last seven has served as president of Jim Reeves Enterprises, Inc.  She works closely with RCA Victory Records in selecting and scheduling the record releases of her late husband, Jim Reeves, whom she married September 3, 1947 and who was killed in a plane crash July 31, 1964.  SOUND FORMAT MAGAZINE'S "Woman of the Year" in 1966, Mary Reeves Davis is also owner and president of two radio stations, WMTS and KGRI. She re-married on May 24, 1969 to William Terry Davis. Provided by Joyce Jackson:

Mary Reeves, beloved wife of international artist and a pioneer of the Nashville sound, Gentleman Jim Reeves, business woman, boss and friend. She was born on January 20, 1929 in Marshall, Texas. Married Jim September 3, 1947 after meeting at a dance that both had attended with each having other dates. Jim asked Mary to dance and he knew that she was to become his future wife! She not only became his wife, she became his soul mate and the greatest supporter of Jim's musical career before and after his untimely death, July 31, 1964, treating his career as if he was still with us! Because of this management, Jim is still revered around the world as one of the greatest country artist ever!

Mary and Jim both loved to play golf and played together as often as they could, but not as much as they would have liked due to Jim's being on tour so much. She was also an avid bowler and received many bowling trophies!

As a business woman, she not only managed Jim's career after his passing, but was instrumental in Jim's buying radio station KGRI, Henderson, Texas, and later WMTS, Murfreesboro, Tennessee and she was the CEO of four BMI music publishing companies and one ASCAP company. Mary was a vital part of CMA as a member of the board working closely with Jo Walker Meader and other board members.

She was a wonderful boss that was loved by all who were fortunate enough to work for her. She was such a giving lady and treated all of us as equals. even taking her staff on several all expense paid trips and she kept Jim's band, The Blue Boys, together for several years after Jim's death.

As a friend, Mary was just the best! You always knew she had your back and was the first to lend a helping hand if one was needed. So much more could be said about this wonderful lady, the one and only Mary Reeves!

Mary passed away November 11, 1999, and thanks to Jim and Mary's niece, Lani Arnold of Shreveport, Louisiana, She is now buried on the East side of Jim, as per her request in her will, at the Jim Reeves Memorial site near Carthage, Texas along with their beloved collie, Cheyenne.

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