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Pat McCoy


American Federation of Musicians, Local 257, Television Production Assistant, Charlie McCoy Enterprises

Born in Nashville, Pat Maguire McCoy, was the granddaughter of George W. Cooper, Jr., who was president of the Nashville Musicians Local # 257 for 37 years.

In 1967, George hired Pat as an office assistant. She was later promoted to assistant to the president where she coordinated musicians' recording paperwork and payments. She left the music business for several years, but returned to the Union in April, 1976, assuming her former position as assistant to the president. She remained in that position until 1989, when she resigned, spending a total of approximately 19 years with the Musicians' Union.

In 1987, Pat married Hall of Fame musician, Charlie McCoy. Upon her retirement from the Union, Pat was hired by Jerry Hammock, associate producer of the CMA Awards, to work in the production office on the annual televised industry awards. She worked on that show from 1989 to 1993.

During those years she worked other TV specials. Until about 1999, she also "filled in" when needed the Union office. She then quit working "outside the home", devoting her time to helping Charlie in his business and traveling with him as he performed all over the world.

Since 2004, her responsibilities have increased as Charlie's work has increased. She helps Charlie run their home-office, mail-order business, sells CDs at live performances and makes travel arrangements, among other duties.

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