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Polly Roper Edenton


Columbia Recording Studio, MCA Records, Owen Bradley, Floyd Cramer

1960, Polly started working for Chet Atkins (at RCA Records) whose office was located in the small building that was Studio A. A memorable experience, she recalled, was when Elvis came in to record, (usually on a Sunday night), she was "allowed to come in to fill up the coke machine and talk to Elvis!"

1962, Polly worked briefly with Floyd Cramer and Grady Martin. The job consisted mainly of watching Superman on TV and drinking champagne with Grady every afternoon.
Between 1962 and 1968, Polly was a secretary at Columbia Records and was responsible for hiring musicians and engineers for recording sessions.

In 1968, she worked for Owen Bradley at Decca as secretary/bookkeeper. Owen was producing anywhere from 40 to 50 artists including Patsy Cline and Brenda Lee. They were booking around 25 record sessions at a time and Polly was consumed with record contracts, liaison with 200 or more song pluggers who wanted Owen's time, as well as audition tape correspondence. In addition, she served as coordinator of Decca's involvement with Disc Jockey Convention.

In 1975, the "love bug" bit. Polly and Ray Edenton married and Polly retired.

Retirement "didn't take." In 1978, Polly re- entered the music business and worked until 1991. Most of that time was with Floyd Cramer as secretary/bookkeeper-booking record sessions, booking his band, hiring local orchestra musicians for road dates, and organizing Floyd's annual golf tournaments.

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