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Reba Hancock


House of Cash

Reba was born on a small cotton farm in Arkansas in 1934. Her parents, Ray and Carrie Cash, fought hard to give their children a home full of love. From sunup to sundown they all toiled in the cotton fields. It was hard work especially for the children but it shaped them for what was to come. Johnny Cash was quick to let people know that Reba ran House of Cash, not him, it was her office, her world.
Johnny trusted her with his business for over 40 years. At every major turn in his life, Reba was there for him and dedicated her life to supporting his career. There wasn't a task she shied away from, handling them all with dignity and grace. Reba handled every major aspect of her famous brother's career, including movies, television, books and performances.

In 2004, Reba's contributions to the production of Walk The Line were major and she was honored to be portrayed in the film.

Throughout her life, Reba was Johnny's biggest supporter, but her pride and joy were her children Donny, Ricky, Timmy and Kelly. She felt they were her best accomplishment. Reba Cash Hancock was one of the strongest and most admired women in the music industry, a dedicated mother, friend and mentor to many women in the business and an amazing grandma to her precious grandchildren who lit up the last remaining years.

Reba Hancock died March 5, 2006

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